Monday, March 2, 2009

Knowledge from the Grave

G'day friend,

Well, as my last post indicated, things have been truly hectic. My family, consisting of the wife, daughter, mother-in-law, and, obviously, myself, has moved to a different location, somewhere to seek more comfort. Due to my father-in-law’s passing within the previous house, we felt more at ease by… departing from that location. Things have become more stable, the tears have about dried up.

Recovery is a gradual process; to pressure it will likely cause more harm than good. Rather than “running” away from the flow of emotions, you must seize it – being human, and being alive, means you must face all these experiences. The passing of a loved one, the birth of a child, the process of aging – live every minute of your day as something to look back on. I imagine those people are miserable, the ones who look back on life while in their death bed, full of regret, overwhelmed by grief. All they want to do is keep on going, hoping the next day will bring an opportunity to fill the void. They don’t live for contentment, but for justification.

I really pity these folks.

So now, I hope you won’t make these mistakes. We all have to die – there’s no way around it. Perhaps we are born equal. Perhaps we do all die. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is not money, it is not comfortable living, it is not any of the things that many wealthy people, myself included, hold in the highest regard. The ultimate, number one goal is satisfaction. Ted Nicholas said it best: “Wealth is a state of mind.”

Strangely enough, there is a powerful marketing secret here. One so very potent, it will not only triple your business revenue – if utilized appropriately – but assuredly magnify your quality of life. I have said it in convoluted ways, twisted it, tugged, and properly made it more difficult to identify in the past. However, I am feeling particularly generous, so I am freely giving you now one of the hidden lessons to be found in my Profiting from the Past™ System. Here you go: find the absolute purpose. FIND… THE… ABSOLUTE… PURPOSE!! Napoleon Hill called this “Accurate Thinking.” I can’t tell how many times supposed “marketers” and business owners forget such a simple tenet. Before you can succeed, know what you’re going to succeed at.

This means you must nail the three graphs:

Geographic – the where
Demographics – the who
Psychographics – the why they are the who and where at

As you should live every day for tomorrow’s approval, you should do everything with your business and marketing for growth and prosperity.
If you cannot look back and say “Good job,” then you need to seriously prioritize.

Over and Out,

Angel Suarez

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