Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Is The Fox Eye Approach?

G'day friend,

Recently I was asked, "Angel, what the heck is the 'Fox Eye Approach'?"

This is a good question. Aside from just sounding neat, The Fox Eye Approac is one of the most efficient marketing methods. It's also natural. You don't necessarily change anything about yourself. The Fox Eye Approach is a fluid and simple process. And immensely effective.

When I first conceived this style, figuring out a name was the tough part. I mean, how could I express it? (I'll hit you up with a few examples at the end.)

That's when I came across a very brief story. And not only is it powerful alone. This story clearly illustrates the basis of The Fox Eye Approach. Hel, you could fully implement it, just by paying attention.

Here goes:

One day, a lion, donkey, and fox went out to hunt. After a very successful venture, the lion asked the donkey if he would divide the spoils amongst them.
The donkey made an effort in dividing things evenly into three piles, one for each of the hunters. Afterwards, he proudly displayed the three piles of dead rabbits to the lion… who then killed the unfortunate donkey and tossed his body onto one of the piles. After a while, the fox invites the lion over to make a judgment: the fox had given to the lion every kill, but kept one scraggly rabbit to himself. The lion asks, “How did you learn to count?” The fox replied: “I learned from the donkey.”

Great stuff. There's always something new in that story. Hopefully you picked up on the obvious strengths. You must know your market and know your industry.

You'll be "eaten alive" otherwise.

A few ways to avoid this fate is to:

  • Study
  • Study
  • Study
  • Study
  • or... invest in one of my Profiting From the Past Industrial Reports and have all the research done for you.
That aside, here is one tool to understand your industry. As I've said before: know what you do. Far too many entrepreneurs become confused when you say this to them.

You're not in the diamond industry you are in the luxury jewelry industry.
You're not in the insurance industry you are in the health assistance industry.

Just like when selling product, stop selling what it is. Sell what it does. If you look toward some of the most successful businesses in your industry, you'll find clues. These are your "big winners." Not only should you loosely model after them, while maintaining your USP, but you should get in good with them. Customers like to see good affiliations.

This is why joining and well-reputed organization will also be a boon for you.

Anyway, that should give you some work.

Now get crackin'.

Over and Out,

Angel Suarez

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