Friday, July 24, 2009

Are You Afraid To Face The World?

G'day Friend,

This is something not so related to marketing. But extremely important, as a concept regarding mindset, to understand. All entrepreneurs should have a firm grasp of it.
See, this "mindset" is what separates the business owner from the employee, the underling from his superior, the chieftain from lowly thrall.

Perseverance and Courage

That's all. Not wit, not humor, not even mathematical skill. Having the ability to persevere and show courage, in the face of great risk, is the "entrepreneurial trait." I've noticed this lately.

My very good friend and mentor brought it up the other day.

How many people do you see complaining about unemployment? Don't they all say, "Wellll, I ain't makin' no money... cuz' there ain't no jobs!"

This is total BS. And I mean it: that is the type of crap that stinks up a room.

Because It's Totally Untrue!

First off, there are plenty of jobs. Sure, most are sales. And, my friend, there's a reason: everyone wanted those comfy, sit behind the desk, $10/hour jobs!

So guess what happened? Everyone took them. But Hel, those jobs are still around. I've seen a local company hiring by the hundreds.

Second, like my friend said, in the day of our grandfathers, there was no room for "unemployment." You couldn't be employed by somebody? You went out there and STARTED something. You have the ability to take initiative and improve your life.
Nobody owes you anything.

Despite what our new President says, you are entitled, frankly, to nothing. Not the clothes on your back or the food in your stomach.

Guess how you acquire these things and achieve your life's luxuries? Work.

Perseverance - not giving up, even if they kick you in the knees and Pepper spray you.

Courage - approach, knowing they are going to kick you when you're down, Pepper you, taunt you, and tell you there's no hope.

And you know what? You just let all those mockeries roll off your back. Remember them, so you can look back decades from now and have a good chuckle.

You can have it while sitting on the patio of your summer villa, sipping a mug of warm Amaretto with your spouse, enjoying the summer breeze.

Over and Out,

(And To Your Many Successes),


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