Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Hookers Need Pimps

G'day friend,

Most people don't understand this: why a hooker needs her pimp.

After all, isn't the stereotype of a pimp some gold-toothed, feathered hat, obnoxious, slap happy abuser?

Yes. But the general impression of your run of the mill hooker is not so different.

So, why does this relationship exist, and how can it be applied to your business, your marketing, and your success?

Here it is: hookers need pimps for protection.

Think about this: what if some other pimp or John (a "prospect" for a hooker) gets a little physical with the Lady? Starts trying to force her, smack her around. All in all, he is over-stepping his boundaries.

That's where the pimp steps in. He takes up that cherry wood, steel ball cane and whacks that poor schmuck into a hospital bed.

Here's the truth...

You Are A Pimp, And Your Client Is The Hooker

That's a little weird, I know. But bear with me, eh?

So, Tom Hopkins and other sales masters advocate a consultative approach to selling. In short, you're not a sales person; you're a consultant there to advise your prospect.

This is disarming. It helps lower resistance.

"People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy."

There is the golden ticket. Jay Abraham, a marketing mastermind, also mentions using the term "client" because client means "in the care of."

Do you see where I am going with this?

You are a protector of your customer, patient, client. You're there to educate, guide, and guard him against other less ethical, exploitative pimps and slap-happy Johns.

Why do you think this blog exists?

why do you think a thousand other blogs, articles, reports, videos, so on and so forth ad nauseum, exist?

To educate, guide, and protect you. And admittedly, to sell you on the particular individual or company.

Positive communication builds trust. Trust builds confidence. Confidence creates action. Action is purchase/investment = money.

So what is the point I am making here?

Be that guardian your clients need. Steer them in the right direction. Tell them where they should avoid hanging out at night. Warn them what to look for to see whether someone is trust worthy or not.

I'd read this blog post over a few times, since there's a lot of information most people won't tell you, for obvious reasons.

Over and Out,

Angel Suarez
The Young Buck Marketer

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