Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three Little Capitalististic Business Owning Pigs

G'day Friend,

Every night, I tell my daughter a story before bed. Maybe I'll make it up off the top of my head for her. Maybe I'll read a book to her (Harry Potter, An Island Called Liberty, The Last Unicorn, etc). Or maybe she'll tell me a specific story she wants to hear, and I know. Then I'll tell the tale.

Well, one of her favorite stories is "The Three Little Pigs." And honestly, this story always fascinates me.


Because in this story, you have these three pigs. They all decide they want to do the same thing - build a house to live in. So one builds it from the straw, one from sticks, and one from bricks.

Well, when the Big Bad Wolf comes along... he EASILY blows away the houses of these two other pigs. But the enduring, superior construction of the third little pigs house is just unfazed by the wolf's attack.

In the end, the other two little pigs sought shelter with him and followed his example. They began to build their houses out of bricks, too.

The wolf was soundly defeated.

So, what's the correlation? How do these little pigs represent business owners (among many other things, like lower, middle, and upper class)?

Let's start here:

-Straw House Piggy - This pig was two things:

1. Lazy

2. Cheap

He wanted a house, but he didn't want to put in the time and resources to have a good house. He just build one and hoped it would "chug along."

This is like the person who gets into business "just to be their own boss."

(Uh, bud... doesn't that mean you're still an employee? Kind of a vicious cycle there)

-Stick House Piggy-

This piggy WANTED a nice, stable house. He even put some work into it. But truth is, he was a little scared. What if the brick house didn't hold up? What if it bombed?

A whole assortment of things with this piggy. He's where a vast majority of business owners are.

People like this usually can BECOME brickhouse piggy after years of encouraging influences.

-Brickhouse Piggy-

Notice who everybody runs to when things go to shit, eh?

Brickhouse piggy has set up his barrier. When the 'wolf,' the economic difficulty - the business cycle turning - comes 'round, he's ready.

This is the entrepreneur, steadfast. His marketing has been stronger; trackable.

In the end, the other two piggies, after seeing the virtues of the brickhouse piggy, decide to follow in his steps.

So, in your business... have you set it up to be a straw house, stick house, or a brickhouse?

Which little capitalistic piggy are you?

Over and Out,


PS. Sorry for the short post. It's on the late side, and I've been busy today. But I thought I share this quick insight with you.

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