Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The King Pin of Copy Mistakes


Today, I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart.

And if we ever 'talk shop' in person, chances are you'll hear my gripe about this to some extent.

Because, in my opinion, it is the BIGGEST mistake made by copywriters today.

I say that without blinking.

The biggest screw up.

It's really not what you'd expect, either.

My friend, it truly is the 'King Pin' of copy mistakes.

It's not...

...A bad offer

...A bad headline

...Bad writing

...High price

...Too short a guarantee

...Wrong font

...Wrong font color

...Lack of subheads

...You get the idea.

Truth be told, all of that's important. Some more important than the rest. However, none of them are the biggest mistakes I've seen made.

But not having this ONE thing pretty much invalidates all of the rest.

It's going to surprise you. Quite frankly, it flies in the face of what most believe. Or at least what's being taught about copy.

But if you've read the masters - Caples, Ogilvy, John E. Kennedy, Collier, Hopkins, Schwartz, Reeves, etc - then you'll understand what I'm saying on some level.

The missing ingredient?


Did you feel the earth shake?

I did when I first learned about having a logical structure to your copy.

Makes perfect sense, too.

After all... 'reason why' is the foundation of all copywriting, marketing, and advertising.

When you have a logical structure, you're simply finding a reason why from point to point and assembling that argument in a persuasive format.

Lack of logic leads to confusion.

Your copy becomes unreadable because, as the old saying goes, 'The confused mind always says no.'

Start with clear points.

Your first point should be something they already believe or can easily wrap their minds around OR can be easily and quickly proven.

And you build your argument from there.

Think of this as your copy's skeleton - it is simply the structure that gives everything shape and form. You still have to put the blood vessels, muscle, flesh, hair, and so on. But it's easier to do when you have direction.

It's easier for you to write and easier for prospects to read.

And when they're done reading, they'll have a crystal clear understanding of WHY your product is great. Why YOU are the ideal person to buy from. Why everything about this makes sense.

Master the logical structure - make sure it's always present - and you'll be ten steps ahead of your competition.

Over and Out,

Angel 'Skinner' Suarez

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