Friday, December 23, 2011

The Secret of Writing Limpd*ck Copy


If ever you want to make sure your copy bores your reader to tears... there are two things you should never have.

On the other hand, if you want copy that is engrossing... persuasive... and sells your product or service like hot cakes...

Well chief, here's the proverbial 'secret sauce.'

At the end of the day, your copy - and marketing in general - must have two elements.

It must be bold and it must be bias.

End of story.

Even copy that comes across as fair ("All our competitors are smart folks, too") eventually comes to the conclusion that they are the best.

I cannot think of a single successful promotion that violated this principle.

David Ogilvy's "Man in The Hathway Shirt" (cleverly ripped off recently ala "The most Interesting Man In the world") is bold by saying and behaving in a unique or unusual way. It's biased because the product they are endorsing is the ONLY one they will accept.

"I don't usually drink beer. But when I do, I drink Dos Equis."

A simply sentence, but it oozes both things we've discussed.

This is what makes prediction packages so potent in the financial world. The sheer ballsyness of saying, 'The Dow will hit 3,300' or 'The stock market will crash by 2013' is irresistible.

The human mind is programmed to want someone who can show them the future. Someone who says, with confidence, "This will happen."

Enthusiasm is infectious. And when you're making a prediction - and you do it well - the enthusiasm radiates from the copy.

Of course, this works anywhere. Not just predictions, but coming out and saying, "All of those guys are great at lawn care. Amazing in fact. But... they're not willing to take the extra step. that, or they can't. But I will. I have. And as a result, I can offer you something much better than any of them ever will."

People are charmed by that sort of talk.

Anyway, I'm off. Had to make this quick. The spawn (my children) are calling.

Over and Out,

Angel "Skinner" Suarez

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